Round 3 Project Wrap-Up

The original Mozilla project period has ended. Round 3 highlights are:

  • We experimentally assessed learning and compared the two Kvasir-VR approaches, “in the field”, with real students in classrooms. Results were published at the main academic VR conference.
  • Team members guided the first high school VR curriculum in the Lafayette school system, broadening the public school curriculum. Students created 3D environments with modeling and game engine tools, integrated VR equipment, and documented steps with a project management system.
  • We established school-to-school networked VR and we believe it is the first networked deployment of this type in the region. This also helped schools configure and test other teleconferencing software that enabled distant classrooms to meet each other.
  • Kvasir-VR was featured in major showcase and outreach events. This included operation over an intercontinental gigabit network at the launch of a new global gigabit community initiative.

Some documents related to the project are found below:

  • Research paper on Assessment of Live and Prerecorded Teachers Guiding Virtual Field Trips (PDF)
  • Experiment dataset (CSV) associated with the paper
  • Curriculum notes (PDF)
  • Artist’s files associated with the curriculum notes (ZIP)

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