Video Gallery of older work

Whole-hand Interaction

Releasing a Virtual Grasp (with sound)
Experiments on a grasp release technique to address the “sticking object” problem. The technique and the main experiment were described in a paper at IEEE 3DUI 2011. Results show the problem increases with object size and our technique works. Additional experiments will be presented in a forthcoming paper.

Virtual Grasping
Whole-hand grasping and manipulation for a paper at IEEE VR 2005 and poster at WorldHaptics 2005, later extended by a 2006 paper in Presence.

Control Panel
A virtual control panel with the combined use of a force-feedback glove and a physical prop, evaluated in the 2005 paper in Presence (and initially described in Christoph Borst’s dissertation, 2002).

3D Secondary Views: Volumetric Lenses, Windows, and Mirrors

Secondary Views experiment
Example trials from an experiment on secondary views in a multimodal environment, described in an ISVC 2011 paper.

Single-pass 3D Lens Rendering and Spatiotemporal Time Warp Example
Demonstration video for our paper at IEEE VR 2010 and poster at SIGGRAPH 2009, later extended for a 2011 IEEE TVCG paper.

Composable Volumetric Lenses
Composable lens examples for IEEE VR 2008 presentation and IEEE TVCG 2010 paper.

3D Windows in Geosciences Exploration System
3D Window example from CGVR 2007 presentation.

Basic Interaction in VR

Handymap selection interface
Handymap interface using iPhone or iPod Touch to overcome occlusion problem in a dense environment, described in an ISVC 2011 paper.

VR Menu Demonstration (ray-based menu interaction)
Menu properties overview for a study presented at IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces (3DUI) 2010. An additional menu study (not shown here) was presented at ISVC 2010.


Simulated MIG Welding Lab (with sound)
The simulated MIG lab (sMIG) is a training simulator for Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding. Both audio and visual cues are resultant from a physical simulation based on a tracked welding gun (wand) and welding mask (head). The system is targeted at familiarizing beginning students with the equipment and best practices. Techniques are described in two papers in Springer’s Virtual Reality journal.

Visualization Examples
Assorted clips showing different datasets visualized in the VR Lab.

Student Projects

VR Class Projects
A selection of student projects from the Virtual Reality class.

Computer Graphics Class Projects
Results from assignments in the Computer Graphics class : ray tracer implementation and particle system implementation.

Undergraduate Project: Immersive Terrain Visualization
The first undergraduate student project from the new lab, Spring 2004: software for immersive outdoor scenes.

Prototype CajunBot Simulation
Preliminary version of a physical simulation for the CajunBot vehicle. This was later extended by the CajunBot team to test the vehicle control system prior to the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004.