Alternative Teacher Avatar Experiments

We have been evaluating different ways to show the teacher to students in Kvasir. The main teacher avatar, a 3D video avatar, gives the students a fully realistic representation of their teacher. However, we would like to understand the effectiveness of alternative avatars that vary in terms of realism and the amount of information about the teacher they expose. We anticipate that this will help us learn what kind of avatar is necessary to give the students an engaging and effective experience.

We deployed two additional avatars for experimentation during the library visit. We demonstrated the three teacher avatars to students in Chattanooga to gather feedback for use in further development. During a three-student demo of Kvasir, each student was shown a single different avatar. Many were asked about their thoughts on how the teacher looked and how they felt learning from it. Several curious students were shown other avatars after their initial demo and were asked which they might prefer learning from. This feedback will help us refine our approaches for further experiments on avatar effectiveness.

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