Mozilla Project Wrap-up and Mozilla/AOC Mini-Documentary

The project and this blog have wrapped up. Round 4 highlights are:

  • An interstate networked deployment of a live-guided VR field trip, shown to visitors of the Chattanooga Downtown Library across 9 days.
  • Infrastructure enabling Chattanooga schools to initiate a VR curriculum.
  • Knowledge gained was used to assist the Acadiana Center for the Arts in their Mozilla project on Low Latency (LoLa) meetings for musicians.
  • We documented the setup and use of Kvasir-VR in a guide that will be provided to teachers, including our experience in deploying Kvasir-VR to Chattanooga in a case study.

Moving forward, we are continuing our educational VR work:

  • We obtained funding for 3 more years of educational VR research (University announcement, NSF Award 1815976). The focus will be on making the VR field trips more responsive to sensor data related to user attention or focus.
  • We are preparing a more extensive experiment on networked teacher avatars. These experiments will take place at UL Lafayette and area high schools

Our project and department were featured in the following wrap-up documentary from Mozilla and AOC Community Media.

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