Round 4 Funding for Kvasir-VR: Cross-community Deployment


We are excited to announce Round 4 Mozilla funding for a cross-community deployment of Kvasir-VR. We are bringing our networked VR field trip technique from Lafayette, LA to the Chattanooga, TN area. The project connects two geographically-separated gigabit communities and evaluates educational aspects of the VR-embedded teacher. Additionally, VR infrastructure and curriculum guidance will be provided to the participating schools for educators to build course content for longer-term benefit.

The project members for this round include Dr. Christoph Borst (UL Lafayette, Project lead); Geoff Millener and Andrew Rogers (The Enterprise Center, Digital Equity Representatives); Jason Woodworth and Nicholas Lipari (UL Lafayette Graduate Students); and Robert Dodson, Jonathan King, and John Maynard (Hamilton County Educators).

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