Demo Showcase at the Mayor’s Annual Address

UL Lafayette and DTSM Team

On April 12th, we showed Kvasir-VR and two applications at the Robideaux Report Showcase of Culture & Technology. The event was an opportunity for residents and local tech leaders to see regional innovations.

Kvasir Demo at Robideaux Report

Visitors experienced Kvasir-VR field trip techniques in two related VR scenes — a solar plant and a tiny house in a pocket community.

Group picture at Robideaux Report

Six Kvasir-VR members, a regional Mozilla representative, and leads of other gigabit projects. Christine Williams, Phil Auter, Nicholas Lipari, Nicolette Darjean, Leah Ruffin, Kevin Krantz, Corey Jack, Andrew Yoshimura, Adil Khokhar, Jason Woodworth, Adam Prejean

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