School-to-School Gigabit VR with Tiny House

Visits by Jason Woodworth and Nicholas Lipari

We deployed a Kvasir-VR field trip with a student’s Tiny House scene across a network between Carencro High and DTSMA. On March 8th, we first setup a simplified and portable version to test various network-related parameters. On March 13th, we helped LPSS configure their network to allow Steam and SteamVR through their firewall. On March 15th, a remote teacher (Jason at DTSMA) was streamed from DTSMA and explained virtual environments to students at Carencro High.

The final Tiny House VR scene was shown loaded into Kvasir-VR on April 9. DTSMA student Andre Garcia was streamed to several students at Carencro High and explained the Tiny House. To give the students a way to build their own networked VR environments in the future, we are suggesting to students which online tutorials to start with and how to add basic Unity networking scripts to their projects.

Tiny House Demo

Using Kvasir-VR technology and fiber networks, a student at DTSMA is scanned and placed into his Tiny House VR scene to remotely guide students at Carencro High.

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