Intercontinental Networked VR Demo

Major Demonstration

Dr. Christoph Borst and Nicholas Lipari

We are excited to announce the successful intercontinental demonstration of our networked VR system between Lafayette, LA and Adelaide, Australia. As part of the inaugural event between US Ignite and Ignite SA, 3D imagery of a virtual teacher was streamed across the globe and guided a South Australian representative through our field trip environment. The network stream traversed about 15 network hops, about 12,000 miles of fiber optic cable, and only 235 ms of network latency. The high-speed and low-latency connection was made possible by Internet2’s GENI-powered VLANs.

Photo by Catherine Leo

South Australian representative in our field trip environment. Photo credit: Catherine Leo.

Photo by Catherine Leo

Dr. Christoph Borst being interviewed during Ignite SA Inaugural Event. Photo credit: Catherine Leo.

Images courtesy of Internet 3 and AARNET.

Network path from UL Lafayette to Adelaide, Australia.
Images courtesy of Internet2 and AARNET.

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