VR Integration

Visit by Paul Smith, Adam Prejean

The high school is back in session. Our artist and I went to the high school to check up on the assignment that we issued in December. Of the previous semester’s projects, the students in three concluded their work at the fall semester end and moved on to other classes. There are three remaining student projects being developed.

Since the last time we visited, the following have been achieved. We’ve been trying to find ways of accommodating students since much of their work happens at home where none of them have VR headsets.

  • We were able to add a VR simulation program to a student’s scene successfully.
  • We are using a tool called VRTK for this simulation, as well as other interactive bits that the students may wish to add to their projects (if time allows).

  • One of the student projects, a Tiny House, was imported into Unity. See the screenshots below.

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