Texturing Updates and Unity Assignment

Visit by Paul Smith and Adam Prejean

I visited the class again this week with our 3D artist. Students are mainly working on their projects in Maya and had the following updates.

  • One group of students has taken advantage of the Trello tools we showed before Thanksgiving break.
  • One student (tiny house project) was making good progress with texturing.
  • Our 3D artist gave some more detailed explanations on texturing in Maya to the students.
  • We’ve also been added to the Trello boards to help students with questions and feedback.

I proposed an assignment for the students to complete in the next two weeks.

  • The objective is to have students move some environment into Unity so they can view something they have created in VR.
  • I provided a link to a Youtube playlist of a series of tutorial videos. The videos give a step-by-step process to import their Maya scenes into Unity.
  • I will then bring an Oculus Rift to the class to let the students view their projects in VR.

Here are two of their models in Maya.

A model of the Circuits Project laboratory.

An overview of the stations in the Circuits Project.

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