Working on Modelling and Project Management

Visit by Paul Smith and Adam Prejean

Our 3D artist and I went over the basics of how to use Trello with the DTSMA students (screenshot below). We thought it best to create individual private boards for each project that are all connected under one group. The teacher at DTSMA also has administrative privileges over the boards. Students are required to communicate only over the Trello boards to allow proper supervision and protect students’ privacy.

We used one student’s model to explain some texturing concepts and modelling best practices. We encouraged the students to break their projects up into tasks before our next visit, and we emphasized the basic concepts of project management and setting feasible goals.

Unity licensing is now working on the school computers. We solved a firewall-related problem with Unity licensing. Their enterprise firewall did not allow student accounts to connect with Unity’s web-based licensing system.

A screenshot from one student’s Trello board.

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