School Updates From Last Two Weeks

Visits by Paul Smith and Adam Prejean

We visited the school three times in the past two weeks. Here are the main updates from these visits:

  • On Jan 23, we gave an final assignment to add actual VR camera rigs to their scenes. The scenes are progressing nicely, showing significant progress since before the break.
  • As of the 30th, students now have VR integrated into their scenes! It was great getting to see the students reactions to view their environments in VR for the first time.
  • On Feb 1, we worked with the students setting up their new computers and headsets and going over best practices when working at a desk with VR equipment.

We were very excited to see how far the students have progressed since starting their projects.

Photo by Christoph Borst

Chai Sutton viewing his electrical circuit virtual laboratory

Photo by Christoph Borst

Montana King viewing his robotics competition virtual arena

Photo by Christoph Borst

Andre Garcia viewing his Tiny House environment in VR

Photos by Dr. Christoph Borst

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