Initial Visits and Logistics

Team Meeting

Anticipating possible funding, we began early in order to better align the project plan with school semester boundaries. So far we have done the following:

  • The entire team had a meeting at the school to plan project coordination and high school activities.
  • The graduate students demonstrated and tested a field trip application with students from the high school. This included a pilot test with over 100 students at two schools, followed by a general chat with students about the experience and virtual reality.
  • We started analyzing the data from our tests of the over 75 high school students who had no prior exposure.
  • We gave students a brief introduction to concepts in virtual reality regarding different devices, how VR simulates the different senses, and tips for developing for VR apps.
Photo by Nicholas Lipari

Students participating in our networked VR field trip experiment. Photo credit: Nicholas Lipari

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