CMPS 415, CSCE 515: Computer Graphics

NOTE: Yearly course info is found on Moodle under CMPS 415.

Instructor: Christoph W. Borst

Summary: These courses cover the fundamentals of computer graphics, with an emphasis on 3D polygon rendering systems. Lectures focus on concepts and mathematics of rendering, and homework focuses on 3D graphics programming. A detailed list of topics is posted outside of OLVR 342.

Examples of past programming assignments

The video above shows ray tracers and physics simulations (particles, marbles, flocking) implemented by students. In some cases, students were allowed to use freely-available data (blender monkey, textures), but no existing ray tracing or physics tools were allowed.

Older examples:

Above: Euler angle interpolation vs. quaternion interpolation, Spring 2003.

Above: Ray tracing software by Philip Miller, Arun Indugula, Alp Asutay, and David Pope, S2003-S2004.

Left: Ball-in-box physics (Reed Bertrand), Fall 2003. Right: Particle system (Joshua Buller), Fall 2004.

Above: Rudimentary airplane models in skyboxes (using freely available textures), flying through waypoints using Hermite interpolation, and releasing objects that fall according to simulated gravity (Vijay Baiyya, Hollie Boudreaux, Nicholas Lipari, Fall 2005).
Also see Chris Best’s video clips here and here.

Articulated hand model assignment, Fall 2003.

Left: Color-mapped house with interface for camera and lighting controls (using freely available textures). Right: Curve editor for Hermite, Bezier, and B-spline segments. Software by Anthony Kuczynski, Fall 2003.

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